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NAMS Canada is a not-for-profit association working collaboratively with municipalities, associations & communities of practice across Canada providing capacity building training and access to IPWEA's international asset management tools, publications & training.

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  • ​Hi Mates I am interested in what other Local Governments are doing in the ADAC space in relation to developments reaching the On Maintenance acceptance ...

  • Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has an asset hierarchy flowchart/ list including marine structures. Especially, seawalls, wetlands, jetties, etc. ...

  • Hi Igor, Probably a better example of where the income approach is under-utilised  within Councils is the valuation of caravan parks. We know of Councils ...

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  • HI Sean, It's been a while and I am not in the area anymore, but about 4 years ...

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  • ​Hi mates, We are looking to go out to tender for the maintenance of our in-ground ...

  • G'day Mates, Has anyone had any recent experience in acquiring portions of land ...