Cross-Functional Team Development

Cross-functional team development

Don't reinvent the wheel. Capitalize on aligned training.

You don't have to do this alone. Build and engage your AM team.

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Cross-Functional Team

At NAMS Canada, we firmly believe that asset management is a "team sport". You cannot do it alone! We want to help you build your cross-functional team through an education and maturity plan paired with bespoke coaching to ensure your team has the support it needs. Check out our cross-functional team development offer, which leverages best-in-class training opportunities.


Select formal training
At NAMS Canada, we endorse the IPWEA Asset Management Pathway. We believe these courses are the best-in-class formal asset management training on the global market.

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Create a team and involve different members
Utilizing aligned formal training across a team or organization to elevate the learning outcomes.

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Pair formal training with bespoke coaching
NAMS Canada offers bespoke coaching to bridge the gap between formal training of individuals and organizational learning. As an introductory offer, we provide FREE coaching to your team.

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Formal Training Options for your organization

NAMS Canada Formal Education Options