About NAMS Canada

NAMS Canada is a not-for-profit registered company established on 17th November 2014.

It is an affiliate of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) and uses IPWEA’s NAMS+ system to assist Canadian and North American local governments and public works entities improve the way they manage their public infrastructure assets. 

NAMS+ is a subscription service providing a suite of tools, templates, and other management resources to provide a guided pathway to improved asset management planning. 

IPWEA’s asset management expertise is recognized globally with its publications being sold into more than 140 countries.  The NAMS (National Asset Management System) system is used by over 70% of all Australian and New Zealand local governments and many utilities as the foundation of their asset management planning system.

Over 1,500 asset management professionals have completed the IPWEA Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning ten-week, on-line, training course which is based on ISO 55000 and the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM). 30% of those who have gained their accreditation are internationals and more than 300 Canadians have completed the course to help build their internal organization capacity.  The course underpins the NAMS+ system by allowing participants to develop and produce their own asset management plan for one class of assets within their organization.

NAMS Canada Vision

To enhance the quality of life of our communities through public works and services.

NAMS Canada Mission

To be the peak Canadian professional association that leads public works and services, infrastructure planning, delivery, and operations.

NAMS Canada Objectives

In order to achieve its Mission, NAMS Canada will:

✔ Engage with and inspire the greater public works community

✔ Grow professional networks to inform, connect and transfer knowledge

✔ Engage with strategic partners and industry

✔ Provide leadership and advocacy to influence policy and industry direction

✔ Research, develop and deliver programs, products and services that build professional capacity

✔ Govern & operate effectively, efficiently, and sustainably

NAMS Canada Staff 

Nicole Allen, Executive Director | nicole.allen@namscanada.org

Shelley Funk, Business Manager | shelley.funk@namscanada.org

Troy Sykes, NAMS Technical Advisor | troy.sykes@namscanada.org

Jolene Callum, NAMS Technical Advisor | jolene.callum@namscanada.org

Marie-Élaine Desbiens, NAMS Technical Advisor (French) | marie-elaine.desbiens@namscanada.org

Marion Owens, Marketing | marion.owens@namscanada.org

NAMS Canada Associates

Allen Mapstone, Director Strategic Asset Management | allen.mapstone@namscanada.org

Board of Directors

Matthew Greskie | Chair NAMS Canada
Chris Champion | Non-Executive Director | chris.champion@namscanada.org
William Barton | Non-Executive Director 
David W Love | Non-Executive Director