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NAMS+ is your pathway to writing your asset management plans

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) has established NAMS Canada Incorporated as a not-for-profit association in Canada to provide access to IPWEA's NAMS+ asset management tools and online resources. NAMS Canada works collaboratively with municipalities and exisiting associations in Canada.

NAMS+ is subscription based to provide staff in asset-owning organizations access to tools & online resources to develop, write and keep their Asset Management Plans up-to-date as demands on the organisation change.

Asset Management Plans:

  • document the services provided by the organization,

  • provide expenditure projections for the organization’s Long Term Financial Plan,

  • provide a basis for consultation with customers/community on the services they really need and what they can afford to pay, and

  • facilitate the reaching of a financially sustainable position where the organization is able to provide the services its customers/community needs in a financially sustainable position.

Developing annual budgets on your updated asset management plans and long term financial plan will enable your organization to operate in a financially sustainable position.

NAMS+ provides templates and modelling tools to:

  • easily revise and update your asset management plans and long term financial plans,

  • run scenarios to assess the implications of service level and cost options,

  • simplify the annual budget preparation and adoption process,

  • develop long term maintenance and capital works program based on agreed service levels,

  • develop and maintain current asset management policy and strategy,

  • assess current asset management maturity and set improvement targets and plans,

  • monitor and report progress against asset management targets.

NAMS+ is based on the International Infrastructure Management Manual 2015 and aligns with the new ISO 55000 international asset management standards. NAMS+ is continually updated and improved to improve flexibility and usability for users. NAMS+ development is based on experience in use of the system and user feedback and suggestions.

The NAMS+ annual subscription includes access to the templates and on-line modelling, system operation, assistance to users and ongoing system development of a nationally consistent resource for infrastructure service organisations such as local governments.

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