Le certificat professionnel d'IPWEA est reconnu comme une norme mondiale pour la formation à la gestion d'actifs. Il vous permet d’acquérir une expérience pratique en utilisant vos propres données.
Les participants élaborent un plan de gestion d'actifs dans le cadre de la formation. Nous fournissons les outils.
Un argument convaincant pour que les employeurs soutiennent votre inscription.

“I believe that completing the course has elevated my credibility within my organisation and enabled me to provide insight for my peers and managers as we take on challenges associated with our infrastructure. I am optimistic that new opportunities are within reach as a direct result of obtaining the Professional Certification.”

Rick Churko, System Planning & Asset Management | SaskPower

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Course Overview

CPD Hours

Apply your knowledge and develop deep capability in Asset Management with this course.


Study Mode

7 Online Modules


10 weeks


50-60 hours


FCM subsidized Price: $2,600 + GST
Regular Price: $2,800 + GST



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Canadian Course - Spring 2022

Course begins

April 24, 2022

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Canadian Course - Fall 2022

Course begins

September 26, 2022

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Canadian Course - Spring 2023

Course begins

March 20, 2022

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Course Overview

Learn by doing with this 7-module online course which provides a practical, engaging and interactive learning experience designed to increase your asset management skills, giving you the opportunity to build deep-founded knowledge in Asset Management planning.

Presented by some of the profession’s leading mentors, this course can benefit organizations of all sizes from beginners to experienced practitioners. Based on the industry bible, the IIMM (International Infrastructure Management Manual) and consistent with ISO Standards, develop deep capability and fast-track your career progression.

  • 7 modules delivered online over 10 weeks with live Q&A and discussion groups
  • Be mentored by the profession’s leaders
  • Use your own data to write an Asset Management plan for your organization
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The course features 7 online modules, over 10 weeks. Modules progressively open each Monday at the time outlined below.

Course Spring 2022


Module Open

Every Monday 12AM (MDT)

Live Q&A

Every Thursday 2PM (MDT)

Module 1 - Asset Management Concepts

Apr 25


Module 2 - Risk Management

May 2

May 5

Module 3A - Lifecycle Costs

May 9

May 12

Module 3B - Lifecycle Costs


May 19

Module 4 - Levels of Service

May 23

May 26

Module 5 - Credibility of Model Results

May 30

June 2

Module 6 - Demand Management

June 6

June 9

Module 7 - Credible Asset Management Plans

June 13

June 16

Final assignment due date: Monday, July 4, 2022

Live Q&A Sessions

Optional Live Q&A webinar sessions scheduled 2:00pm each Thursday. These provide an opportunity to ask questions and discuss aspects of Asset Management with the course mentors and your peers. These sessions are recorded and are available where scheduled times not suitable. (Europe, other)


FCM eligibility price: CAD $2,600 + GST
Regular price: CAD $2,800 + GST

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Group discounts available

Group discounts are available to organizations who register:

  • 3-5 people (15% discount)
  • 6+ pp (20% discount)

*need to be registered at the same time and from the same organisation.

Please email full participants details of group (name, position, email, contact details, phone) to:

Course Objectives + Outcomes
Course Objectives:
  • Master the key concepts of asset management planning
  • Learn how to compare asset lifecycle costs and planned budgets
  • Communicate the consequences, related to levels of service and risk, associated with a planned budget or long- term financial plan
  • Explain the role of the asset management plan related to integrated planning, including long term financial plans, climate adaptation plans and strategic plans
  • Apply the IPWEA NAMS+ asset management tools and templates
Course Outputs:
  • Successful completion of the course - "Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning"
  • A draft Asset Management Plan with Improvement Plan (one asset class)
Learning Outcomes:
  • Articulate the benefits of an asset management plan
  • Choose the applicable data for renewal planning methods
  • Collate, upload, edit and report on AM data
  • Interpret the AM figures, graphs and reports
  • Communicate service and risk consequences
  • Document customer and technical levels of service
  • Document risk register risk management plan
  • Develop demand management options and priorities for capital works
  • Prepare a draft asset management plan
  • Connect the AM plan expenditure projections to a long-term financial plan
  • Identify and document areas for improvement of the AM plan
Testimonials + Videos

Find out why this is a go-to course for AM

“I would recommend the Professional Certificate AMP through IPWEA to anyone involved in asset management and public works in New Zealand. The teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful. Being online made it really flexible and the course balanced theory with practice perfectly.”

Melissa, Waipa District Council, New Zealand

Melissa testimonials

Why is the Professional Certificate important?

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This will be an intensive but practical and rewarding course consisting of 7 Modules, with a new module each week after commencement. The course closes at the Final Assignment Due date and will then be archived and remain accessible for 12 months.

Learning by Doing

Innovation requires action. That’s why this course will help you put into practice everything that you will learn. And you won’t just learn from video lectures – you will also get to participate in an engaging and collaborative classroom environment.

Online Program

This is a 100% online program, which gives you the flexibility to adapt your training to your professional and personal needs. You will be guided throughout the program by a personal learning mentor who will help you with activities.

IPWEA uses the latest in platform Cahoot. Cahoot is a highly dynamic and innovative online educational environment that delivers world class learning experiences and outcomes to participants from around the world. In collaboration with inspirational global educators and organizations across the world, Cahoot delivers truly engaging and meaningful educational experiences.

amp delivery

Your mentors fast-track student’s learning, through the sharing of their experiences and insights. Your mentors track your progress, provide feedback and carefully assess your draft Asset Management Plan. The Professional Certificate delivers immediate results to you and your organization.


Troy Sykes
Technical Advisor / Mentor at NAMS Canada

Troy has 23 years of experience working in municipal government. His extensive knowledge spans from asset management operations and capital planning to strategic asset management planning and implementation. In his role as technical advisor and mentor, Troy facilitates Pro-Cert in Asset Management Planning courses, as well as provides customized training programs. He is the head of operations at NAMS Canada.


Jolene Callum
Technical Advisor / Mentor at NAMS Canada

Jolene has been apart of the NAMS Canada team for 2 years facilitating the IPWEA Professional Certificate in Asset Management Course as well as providing technical support for NAMS+ subscribers. She is eager to assist you and your municipality with developing the skills needed for your asset management planning.


Lee-Ann Harder
Technical Advisor / Mentor at NAMS Canada

Lee Anne has 21 years of experience in the public sector with 18 years in municipal government. Her focus over the last 6 years has been planning and implementing asset management systems. Additional experience includes finance, corporate budgeting, process review, strategic planning and policy development.

Who Should Enrol

The course is targeted at those managing public infrastructure assets such as road and transport networks, water, sewer and drainage networks, parks and recreation facilities, community facilities and buildings and other community assets.

Therefore, any professional with an interest in progressing their career in this rapidly evolving field, including:

  • senior management
  • asset managers
  • accountants / finance staff
  • technical officers
  • administrative staff
  • community planners
  • IT staff
  • staff service providers
Participant Benefits

Asset management is a highly sought-after profession around the world. If you want your resume to stand out from the crowd, asset management is for you.

Designed for people who like to learn by doing, you’ll draft your asset management plan by using our hands-on tools and templates whilst being mentored by an industry expert.

This certificate is quickly becoming the international standard for asset management. If you are ready to take the next step in your career, asset management could be for you.

  • Master the key concepts of asset management planning
  • Learn how to compare asset lifecycle costs and planned budgets
  • Communicate the consequences, related to levels of service and risk, associated with a planned budget or long-term financial plan
  • Explain the role of the asset management plan related to integrated planning, including long term financial plans, climate adaptation plans and strategic plans
  • Apply the IPWEA NAMS+ industry tools & templates
  • Engage with your international peers through live Q&A, videos, discussion forums
  • Develop your organization's asset management plan while you earn an Industry recognized qualification!
Organization Benefits

Do you know how to take your organization’s Asset Management to the next level?

IPWEA’s Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning is quickly becoming the global standard, for it provides hands-on, practical experience and access to industry-leading mentors. The course is delivered online via videos, live Q&A's and discussion groups.

  • Invest in and up-skill your staff
  • Employees will build your organization’s draft asset management plan whilst they earn a qualification
  • Employees will be able to interpret asset management data to understand and register service and risk consequences
  • Audit the organization’s current asset management plan
  • Course aligns with the IIMM which will ensure your organization is ISO compliant
amp benefits

Complimentary trial subscription to IPWEA's NAMS+ tools, templates & other resources are provided solely for the purpose and time whilst undertaking the course (where not already a subscriber).

Some functions are disabled in the trial subscription. A full subscription is required for non-course or other purposes.

See Terms & Conditions in FAQs for more detail.

Upgrade Option: Purchase of 12-month NAMS+ full subscription is available. This provides the subscriber with full access to additional NAMS+ portal resources, non-course use, etc.

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Recommended Text

The 6th Edition of the globally acclaimed, International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) has been driven largely by the updates to the ISO 55000 Asset Management Standards. Recognizing that the ISO Standards are very much the “What to do”, the IIMM provides the “How to do it” in terms of applying the standards for infrastructure asset management. The Manual provides valuable learnings for those who have a vital stewardship role in managing the investment in infrastructure on behalf of their community, customers or investors.

Receive 20% discount off IIMM eBook, when you register for the course and purchase at the same time.


CPD + Certification
CPD Points

On average, each module will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete the mandatory learning activities. Additionally, you will be required to complete your final assignment, a draft Asset Management Plan incorporating an Improvement Plan. Your final assignment may take 20-30 hours to complete, depending upon the size and readiness of your asset management information.

An optional 45 minute live Q&A session is scheduled each module, providing an opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss key concepts of asset management with a mentor.

Total estimated 50 – 60 hours (depending on available data & previous experience). Eligible for CPD by Engineers Australia (EA) in accordance with EA Guidelines.

Asset Management Certificate

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded an IPWEA Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning.

What qualification is awarded for the IPWEA Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning?

The IPWEA Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning is a short course which is practitioner based and focused. A professional certificate is awarded by IPWEA upon successful completion of the course. Successful candidates may use the postnominals: ProfCertAM if they choose to do so. E.g. J.Citizen ProfCertAM.

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