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Heads-Up Upcoming NAMS Canada Webinars

  • 1.  Heads-Up Upcoming NAMS Canada Webinars

    Posted 15-02-2024 07:16

    Just a heads up NAMS Canada is showcasing the features of the NAMS+ tools in this series of Upcoming Webinars. Be sure to click on the links to register! Hope to see you there!

    Webinar 1 (March 13): Getting the most out of your NAMS+ tools

    Review the top NAMS+ tool outputs and showcase examples of how organizations are effectively using the NAMS+ tools

    Webinar 2 (March 20): Discover NAMS+-Asset Management tools for telling your story

    Discover how the NAMS+ tools fill the niche in communicating AM practices throughout your organization

    Webinar 3 (April 18): The Refresher Guide for using the NAMS+ tools

    We will go over the basics of how to enter information into the main NAMS+ tool components and we will include tips for inputting information.

    Jolene Callum
    NAMS Canada Inc
    Saskatoon SK