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Charleston Water System is Growing Its Asset Management Team

  • 1.  Charleston Water System is Growing Its Asset Management Team

    Posted 02-10-2020 07:08
    Edited by Earl DuPriest 06-10-2020 01:14
    Hi Everyone,

    Growing a dedicated Asset Management Team is often times an exceedingly difficult task. At Charleston Water System our AM team is succeeding in justifying additional AM resources to support the growth of our AM Program/System and deliver our Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP). Through the delivery of our AM Resource Impact Analysis strategy we developed a data driven long term AM resourcing plan that was approved by the executive leadership and has since been embraced by the organization. Two AM focused Maintenance Reliability Engineers were hired last year at our treatment plants as direct result of the plan.

    This year we are delivering the next phase of the resourcing plan with the recent advertisement of our new Asset Analyst position. This position will be a part of the core AM team and will oversee the delivery of our Cityworks and GIS Optimization strategies and lead our Network Asset Management Team.

    If anyone out there is struggling to justify AM resources for their organization tell us about it in this thread. Maybe together we can come up with some solutions. I am happy to share anything I have that might be helpful.

    or.. If you are interested in starting/continuing an exciting career in AM in one the best little cities in the USA feel free to send me an email or use the following link to access the Asset Analyst job posting. CWS Asset Analyst Job Posting


    Earl DuPriest
    Asset Management Program Manager
    Charleston Water System