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Why is the Professional Certificate important?

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Participant benefits

Asset management is a highly sought-after profession around the world.

If you want your resume to stand out from the crowd, asset management is for you.

Over 8 weeks with 7 modules you could complete the internationally renowned professional certificate by IPWEA which is delivered online via videos, live Q&A's and discussion groups.

Designed for people who like to learn by doing, you’ll draft your asset management plan by using our hands-on tools and templates whilst being mentored by an industry expert.

This certificate is quickly becoming the international standard for asset management.

If you are ready to take the next step in your career, asset management could be for you.

  • Master the key concepts of asset management planning
  • Learn how to compare asset lifecycle costs and planned budgets
  • Communicate the consequences, related to levels of service and risk, associated with a planned budget or long term financial plan
  • Explain the role of the asset management plan related to integrated planning, including long term financial plans, climate adaptation plans and strategic plans
  • Apply the IPWEA NAMS+ industry tools & templates
  • Engage with your international peers through live Q&A, videos, discussion forums
  • Develop your organisation's asset management plan while you earn an Industry recognised qualification!

Organisation benefits

Do you know how to take your organisation’s Asset Management to the next level?

IPWEA’s Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning is quickly becoming the global standard, for it provides hands-on, practical experience and access to industry-leading mentors. The course is delivered online via videos, live Q&A's and discussion groups.

  • Invest in and upskill your staff
  • Employees will build your organisation’s draft asset management plan whilst they earn a qualification
  • Employees will be able to interpret asset management data to understand and register service and risk consequences
  • Audit the organisation’s current asset management plan
  • Course aligns with the IIMM which will ensure your organisation is ISO compliant


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