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  • 1.  Return on Investment in Asset Management

    Posted 15-05-2023 12:49

    I've been asked by an Asset Management Program Manager from a Vancouver Island local government if there is any research or work by local governments in BC to try to quantify the return on investment in asset management? They are considering including a request for additional staff their AM Strategy. Describing the benefits is relatively straightforward, but wondering if someone has done a study that proves the benefits with data.  The question being asked is: In 30 years, based on the improvement of our asset management practices, what will the residents experience that is different from what they experience today? Any thoughts and/or links to information would be much appreciated! 

    [David] [Allen]
    [Asset Management BC]
    [Executive Director]
    [Courtenay] [British Columbia]

  • 2.  RE: Return on Investment in Asset Management

    Posted 17-05-2023 23:18
    Although my focus is on natural asset management, a quick search offers a general starting place from The Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM)
    This links to a validation model that offers a scale of 'Relevance to Asset Management' for indicators that might already be in place in an organization. Although not always directly related to ROI, they can offer some proxies. This is helpful because the key is tracking data as you go along and some of these indicators may already be tracked.
    A  project at U Waterloo is developing M&E options for natural infrastructure and may have another update soon

    Liese Coulter
    Research Leader
    Victoria BC