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  • 1.  Natural Assets + Utilities Master Planning

    Posted 24-03-2023 04:04

    Hi Team - My name is Mike Kennedy and I'm the CFO for the City of Rossland*, BC, population 4,140. 

    Here's me on LinkedIn - feel free to add me

    I'm wondering if anyone in the NAMS world is actively pursuing the incorporation of natural assets in their Asset Management Planning - I'd love to trade notes! 

    Specifically, Rossland is prepping an RFP for a utilities master plan, we're looking at how to put a natural asset lens at the centre of the plan (e.g. starting with options for services delivered by natural assets first before exploring built infrastructure). Might anyone be able to share examples of RFPs/ tender docs that build in language and specs around natural assets to this effect? 

    We'd love to stand on the shoulder of natural asset giants that have come before us (and/or happy to work our way to becoming a giant and sharing what we learn along the way). 

    Please feel free to weigh in below and/ or post links/ documents direct to the forum so other intrepid asset managers can access them. 

    Make it a great day, 


    *Home of Red Mountain - drop me a line if you are ever in this neck of the woods for skiing or MTB - a sandwich from Ferraros is on me. 

    Mike Kennedy
    Rossland City
    Chief Financial Officer
    Rossland BC


  • 2.  RE: Natural Assets + Utilities Master Planning

    Posted 28-03-2023 03:15

    Hi Mike...let talk!  We are actively incorporating natural assets in our AMPs here in Calgary, and I've been involved with writing the new CSA standard for NA inventory.  I'd love to share some notes with you.


    BTW, my dad lives in Trail (Waneta to be exact) and my aunt and uncle in Warfield.  I make it out to Rossland about twice a year and due for a visit – maybe we can get out for that Ferraros sandwich soon!


    Cheers, Steve


    Steve Wyton, P.Eng., MBA, FIAM (he/him)

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  • 3.  RE: Natural Assets + Utilities Master Planning

    Posted 30-03-2023 04:32

    Hi Mike,

    At the City of Guelph we engaged a consultant to help us develop an inventory of the natural assets within the City boundary. The project included identification, classification, risk analysis and condition analysis. The results included a GIS layer that is being widely used by our Environmental Planning staff. All of the work was done in a manner that is consistent with good asset management practices.
    We also looked at the effect of some of those Natural Assets not existing and what the City would have to do to gain the same benefits provided by them (stormwater management) and how much that would equate to financially.

    Please feel free to review the final report.

    Kevin Nelson
    City of Guelph
    Guelph ON


  • 4.  RE: Natural Assets + Utilities Master Planning

    Posted 30-03-2023 06:57
    Thanks so much for sharing this - super helpful to have such a tangible roadmap and narrative as we make our case in Rossland! 

    What would you say is the biggest challenge you ran into in getting this moving at Guelph? 

    Thanks to everyone else for weighing in - it is inspiring to hear about so many great projects happening in the Natural Assets space across the country. 


  • 5.  RE: Natural Assets + Utilities Master Planning

    Posted 27-04-2023 02:06

    Hi Mike.  I do know that there will be a new CSA standard coming out shortly, for Natural Assets.

    Troy Sykes
    NAMS Canada Inc
    Saskatoon SK


  • 6.  RE: Natural Assets + Utilities Master Planning

    Posted 29-04-2023 04:58

    Hi Mike

    I know the Town of Oakville and the now retired director Cindy Toth was an early champion of including and managing Natural Assets

    Langley posted an RFP for a Natural Capital Asset Management Plan back in 2021 available here:

    Okotoks RFP is just for an inventory but it is still available here:

    I know others are incorporating natural assets into their master plans.  I led a good chunk of the City of Hamilton's original Water/Wastewater/Stormwater Master Plan (I was a water resources guy prior to stepping into the building world) and this is currently being updated and I believe they have assessed the benefit of natural assets as part of this exercise.


    Chris Gainham
    Manager - Building

    Chris Gainham
    Regional District of Central Kootenay
    Building Manager
    Nelson BC