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  • 1.  Work orders before assets

    Posted 17-11-2020 11:44
    Hi,  King County Parks has been using work orders systems for over 20 years to keep track of their orders and requests.  Five years ago, investments to develop an asset inventory was kicked-off.

    I am very new to EAM.  In other words, I have no EAM experience.  I do have experience in numerous business applications, such as, property tax and cash management systems, cashiering systems, trading and portfolio systems.

    Although, our asset collection is not yet robust, part of my new job is to start brainstorming and collaborating how to 1) expand the integration of work orders with assets and 2) re-design workflow and business processes. I have had numerous false starts and am struggling with why this is so hard.  I am wondering if my task is that much harder when field staff has been using a work order system for over 2 decades without having to assign any assets to those work orders.  I am new to this forum and am looking forward to feedback/correspondence.

    Lilia Wong
    Capital Project Data Analytics Manager
    King County, Washington, USA