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  • 1.  How have you responded to the impacts of COVID-19?

    Posted 06-08-2020 09:26
    Edited by Chris Champion 06-08-2020 09:53
    The world is a lot different in 2020.

    Rather than dwell on the negative, I am interested to find out how you or your organization has responded positively to the impacts of COVID-19, for example:

    • Have you learnt new lessons in working from home?
    • Has your organization been able to pivot to providing more online services?
    • Have you needed to develop new policies, e.g., for travelling in vehicles?
    • Can you see any long-term changes to the way we operate?
    • Can you share or tell us about any scenario planning that you undertook?
    • Have you discovered new ways of working or new resources that have been helpful?
    • How have you helped your community weather the economic storm?

    What can you share with your colleagues on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic - in our new forum Ask-NAMS-Canada?

    Chris Champion
    NAMS Canada Inc


  • 2.  RE: How have you responded to the impacts of COVID-19?

    Posted 08-08-2020 15:04
    During this crazy time, I have had to evolve in how I work with the Service Areas in our organization. I recently ran my first AM workshop in MS Team using breakout rooms and facilitated discussion exploring Parks & Open Space data collection on who, where and what is collected on our assets located in Parks and Open spaces. It was a great way to get a large number of participants across the organization participating. If you had told me 6 months ago I would be talking to a labtop to facilitate a workshop I would have told you that you were crazy.  I think in the future these types of sessions will be a new way of doing business as participants don't have to travel to City Hall or City meeting room to participate they can do it from their desk or home. Less wasted travel time. Stay Safe!

    Erica Frank
    City of Regina
    Corporate Asset Management Consultant
    Regina, SK