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Asset Analyst Postion for Charleston Water System

  • 1.  Asset Analyst Postion for Charleston Water System

    Posted 10-12-2020 02:20
    ​​​​​Hi Folks,

    This is something of a long shot but I a reckon its worth a try. I moved to Charleston South Carolina USA at the end of 2016 after several years working for Gold Coast Water in Australia.  I am currently leading a team here at Charleston Water System (CWS) to build an Asset Management Program/System. In the USA we are way behind AU and NZ when it comes to AM. One area where we are really struggling is when it comes to finding qualified and experienced AM professionals. They simply do not exist. The very rare instances that you do find a person who does exist, the consultancies swoop in and snap them up. We have attempted numerous times to fill an new Asset Analyst position (equivalent to an Asset Officer, AM Coordinator, or AM Planner). Thus far very few applicants have met our expectations. I am reaching out to the "Ask Your Mates" and "Ask-NAMS-Canada" forum to see if you lot can assist us in finding a suitable Asset Analyst.  I would be happy to correspond with anyone interested in the position by email, phone, skype, zoom, teams, two tin cans and a string or any other platform you are comfortable with. CWS is by far the best place I have ever worked and that shows in the latest employee satisfaction surveys which indicated a 95% satisfaction rate. We have extremely supportive executives and the organization is truly starting to embrace AM. This role has all the ingredients to be a career maker and there are numerous career paths that can be navigated too from the position. We are specifically after someone who knows GIS and CMMS, but experience with any CMMS will do.  We have several projects already in the pipes and ready for the successful candidate. If we find the right candidate relocation reimbursement will definitely be negotiable, even if it is from AU, NZ, or Canada.  Charleston is an awesome place to live. That's not just my bias, Conde Nast and numerous other travel magazines will support that claim. Warm climate, sunny beaches, incredible estuaries, natural habitats, epic boating and fishing are all at your fingertips here. The people of Charleston are also world renowned for their friendliness, hospitality, and courteousness.  If any of this sounds appealing to you or some one you might know please apply or pass on the link. The support of this community would be much appreciated in these efforts. Thank you!

    Link to CWS Asset Analyst Position Application


    Earl DuPriest

    Asset Management Program Manager
    Charleston Water System
    103 St. Philip Street | Charleston, SC 29403
    Tel: 843-727-7202
    Mob: 843-214-4310

    Earl DuPriest
    Charleston SC
    United States