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  • 1.  Vertical Assets - COF , LOF , Core risk and BRE scoring

    Posted 24-09-2020 04:29

    Consultant helping to set up Risk Assessment Framework for our vertical assets. Project is near it's completion and next step is to implement the recommendation however the suggestion consultant has given us to use survey123 or excel as platform to place the COF, LOF scroing etc data.  Our goal is to stay away from one risk socre so we are not using our existing CMMS system.

    Does anyone have any suggestion for the platform to host the condition and critically scoring data?


  • 2.  RE: Vertical Assets - COF , LOF , Core risk and BRE scoring

    Posted 26-09-2020 03:14
    Hi Tejal,

    I don't know the particulars of your challenges, which is an important factor in answering your question, so take this advice for what its worth.

    Generally the best place to house asset risk data is in the same database used for the asset register. The calculation for COF, LOF, and(or) BRE are typically going to rely heavily on the asset attributes which should be captured in the asset register. The LOF data will typically be captured through the CMMS as a part of inspection/condition assessment work orders. The asset condition identified during the inspection can be captured as a part of closing the work order if the inspection templates are appropriately set up in the system.  An integration between the CMMS and the asset register will usually be the most fluid and efficient way to apply inspection data towards the asset attributes in the register. Using a separate non integrated and un controlled systems/programs such as Excel will introduce the possibility of duplicate or redundant data and ultimately result in diminished confidence in the data quality overtime. Some types of LOF, such as theoretical LOF, can be calculated purely from the asset attributes but generally have a lower level of confidence compared to actual physical assessment results. It is helpful to have the theoretical and actual conditions in the same system to facilitate comparison and ultimately improvement in the accuracy of the theoretical condition.

    Here at CWS we are in the process of optimizing our CMMS, InforEAM, for plant and facilities assets. InforEAM is both the CMMS and asset register for those assets.The asset risk scoring is an important part of this AM strategy. It may be well worth reaching out to our project manager for that project to discuss in more detail. Please feel free to shoot me an email to set something up. Hope this input is helpful.


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  • 3.  RE: Vertical Assets - COF , LOF , Core risk and BRE scoring

    Posted 26-09-2020 03:50
    Edited by Tejal Kshatriya 26-09-2020 03:50

    Hi Earl,

    Thank you for guiding us in the right direction. I will propose what you suggested to the upper management and see if I can get them on to the same page as you. They are currently using a different tool (InfoAsset Planner) to capture the condition data for the horizontal assets and are trying to use the same tool for the vertical assets as well and there seems some resistance from the team that manages the Vertical assets in doing so. I hope they come to agreement soon.

    Thank you so much for providing much needed guidance for the folks who are new to this.

    Tejal Kshatriya J

    Tejal Kshatriya



  • 4.  RE: Vertical Assets - COF , LOF , Core risk and BRE scoring

    Posted 26-09-2020 06:44
    ​Hi Tejal,

    I am always happy to help. CWS ran into the same problem when trying to expand CMMS work management capabilities to the treatment plants (many years ago).  We manage network (horizontal assets) with Cityworks.  At the time the plants were not satisfied with accepting Cityworks as a solution due to limitations with vertical assets. They eventually implemented InforEAM for plants and facilities.




  • 5.  RE: Vertical Assets - COF , LOF , Core risk and BRE scoring

    Posted 28-09-2020 09:03

    The best practice would be maintain the various scores in your CMMS against each asset/entity.  You would just need to expand the affected feature class or table schema.


    Keeping them is a separate environment will make it exceedingly difficult to undertake analysis.





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  • 6.  RE: Vertical Assets - COF , LOF , Core risk and BRE scoring

    Posted 28-09-2020 09:03

    What CMMS?


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  • 7.  RE: Vertical Assets - COF , LOF , Core risk and BRE scoring

    Posted 28-09-2020 09:15
    CMMS= Computer Maintenance Management System 
    They are often referred to now as ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning) or EAM ( Enterprise Asset Management) Systems

    Systems like SAP, Infor, Maximo.
     Although this is still debated which is which in technical circles, I hope you get the broad strokes.