FLEET intouch e-news

  Issue 13 - Sep 17 How to demonstrate the value of your fleet department  
  Issue 12 - Aug 17 What does it take to be an award-winning fleet professional?
  Issue 11 - Jul 17 Online auctions a goldmine for fleet sales | Fleet service and maint programs | Q&A with a master driver trainer
  Issue 10 - Jun 17 Heavy vehicle health check | Why fleet is going to the dogs | New FLEET resources available
  Issue 9 - May 17 Are you ready for new CoR laws? | 3 key lessons from the conference | Fleet Award winner announced
  Issue 8 - Apr 17 Why your fleet needs dash cams | ISO filter codes | New standard for vehicle and plant fire protection
  Issue 7 - Mar 17 Why mechanics should really be called technicians | An app for tyre performance | Electric vehicle trials
  Issue 6 - Feb 17 The real cost of idle time | Flying cars by 2021 | Best practice for driver safety
  Issue 5 - Jan 17 How telematics can make your fleet future ready
  Issue 4 - Dec 16 Announcing the inaugural FLEET conference
  Issue 3 - Nov 16 Embracing disruptive technology | Preventative maintenance | Ford's legacy
  Issue 2 - Oct 16 Why the fleet atmosphere is electric
  Issue 1 - Sep 16 Welcome to the new FLEET intouch


FLEET e-news archive

  Issue 29 How to avoid prosecution | Fleet Awards | Bookkeeping benefits
  Issue 28 Design Rules | Fleet Maintenance | TruckSafe
  Issue 27 Fuel tax credits | Boston trucks | The world's fastest digger
  Issue 26 Volvo's driverless cars | Fleet Awards | Quiz the regulator
  Issue 25 Protecting PM Tony Abbott | Interest sparks in electric cars | Fleet guys on tour
  Issue 24  Trucks and training
  Issue 23 Off-road credit bump
  Issue 22  Chain of Responsibility laws reviewed
  Issue 21  The hidden costs of downtime
  Issue 20 The weakest link: understanding Chain of Responsibility laws
  Issue 19 Don't forget your Fleet Asset Management Plan
  Issue 18
Green Truck Partnership, Overseas Study Tour
  Issue 17 New rules for heavy-trailer brakes
  Issue 16 Driver safety: mitigating reversing accidents
  Issue 15 Calls to review National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
  Issue 14 How to assess workshop labour requirements
  Issue 13 Light fleet market update
  Issue 12 Buying local: Government pressures councils
  Issue 11 Control your vehicle replacement destiny
  Issue 10 Buy in haste and repent at leisure?
  Issue 9 Stand-alone fleet management systems save time and money
  Issue 8 Rising fuel costs: smart action now will ease future pain
  Issue 7 Uncertainty surrounds heavy vehicle laws, preview of IPWEA education in 2013
  Issue 6
Changes to Fleet Management Certificate; Rock crushing on road re-sheeting
  Issue 5
Hong Kong Police learn IPWEA fleet skills, automated vehicle projects success in Europe
  Issue 4 When should you outsource services? Diagnostic tool trends, Safe access to tipper bodies
  Issue 3
IPWEA online fleet management tools received favourably, when to lease and when to purchase
  Issue 2 Calculating the optimum mechanic numbers for your fleet, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator update
  Issue 1 Changes to fuel tax credit laws, Calculating whole-of-life costs, GPS monitoring on street sweepers



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